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We have take the time to do the proper research to weed through all the bad information and services on the web to bring you the best services for refinancing student loans, opening investment/trading accounts, and also auto, life, and home insurance.

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Refinance Student Loans = More Cash in Your Pocket!

Refinancing you student loans is a great way to reduce your monthly payments. When new college students are starting out, they often times apply for their student loans and sign whichever one gives them a quote first. But, times have changed! Over the last few years there are companies that help get you the lowest refinancing rates around using a community of lenders. I recommend all my readers and students to use LendKey! They are a community based lender company that uses Community Banks and Credit Unions to fund your loan or refinance. We all know a great way to save on paying interest is to go through Credit Unions. Lendkey does all the work for you and finds the banks that you can be eligible for! Start saving some serious cash and see that LendKey can do for you!

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Have a Family, Mortgage, or Other Debts? Don't Live Without Life Insurance!

Life Insurance is no walk in the park when you have to think about it. However, if you have a family, mortgage, or other debts, make sure you have life insurance. You don't want the family that you love to be stuck with having to pay off all of these debts by themselves. In a Princeton Survey, more than 1/3rd of the respondents surveyed said they don't have Life Insurance! Of these respondents without Life Insurance, 59% say that they don't have insurance because of the cost. Times have changed! We recommend our readers to use True Blue Life Insurance! This is not just one insurance company. True Blue is a Life Insurance Market Place that shops the BEST Life Insurance providers match you with the best company to get you the best rates! Why shop just one company, when you can shop them all!  Life Insurance policy coverage's from $50,000 and up!

Best Life Insurance Quotes

Credit Score

A big misconception with checking your credit score is that you only need to do it when you are looking to buy something using credit. This is not true at all. A few years ago I went a couple years without checking my credit score, i figured I pay my bills and credit card on time so I have excellent credit. Unfortunately, this was not true! There was actually an error on my credit report from a bill that I PAID a year before! They falsely reported a delinquent account to a Debt Collector. I recommend Credit Sesame for this service! They are a true free credit check and do not require a credit/debt card like others do.

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Meal Planning and Healthy Eating = Money Savings

Meal planning services makes this of the easiest areas to save money every month. I recommend using eMeals! The amazing thing about this meal planning service is they offer you meal plans such as low carb/calorie, vegeterian, budget friendly, slow cooker, Paleo, and 30-minute meals. eMeals also even prepares you a shopping list with the option to add things (such as toilet paper) so you don't buy things you don't need. Unlike their competitors, you can choose from a list of weekly meals and it offers the convenience of making you a shopping list. Perfect for one person, two people, or even a large family! This makes sticking to a budget very easy! Watch the video below for more information! Bring your family back to the dinner table!

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Easy Budget Meals Your Family Will Love

Shopping Around For Insurance = Easy $$ Savings

As a website that teaches people how to manage their money and ways to build a successful financial future, we recommend shopping around every year for better insurance rates. There is so much competition in this industry, that insurance companies are always lowering rates to keep up with the competition. This is a great way to trim some money from your monthly spending budget and will free up some money to pay off debt, save, or even invest. We believe Liberty Mutual is a great insurance company to insure what means the most to you! They offer insurance for auto, home/condo, and renters. They even offer a bundle discount that will save you even more! People often think that because they rent an apartment or house they don't need insurance. For as little as $1 a day you can insure your personal goods from fire, flood, theft and more.

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